Nudging: Become a better person by building conscious habits.


In al these areas nudging helps you to better:
Go to Waste Management

Waste Management

Unnecessary Waste is one of the greatest. Ressources are used in its production and its residuals poisen the environment. Just think of marine plastic pollution.

Go to Energy saving

Energy saving

Most our transportation and commuting habits are a waste of energy, especially Petrol. What quantity could be saved if we would consciously develop better habits.

Go to Water Saving

Water Saving

Water, the most precious thing on earth. But every day there is more and more water waisted. How can we end this scandal? nudging will remind you to think twice anytime you want to fill your jacuzzi, wash your car or drink a cup of coffee, which wastes 140l of fresh water.

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What you need to adapt a conscious habit:
Living ecologically correct and conscious is matter of routine.

You want to be a better person. Overcome your laziness, win against your weaker self. But how often have you tried, set goals and failed? The secret to archive fundamental change is the change of your habits. Small things that you do repeatedly sum up to incredible results. And if we want to save our planet, the only one we have got, we need incredible results. Every single one of us has to become a better person. How does nudging works? It is a small and simple app that sets cues for new habits and for the change of bad habits. To archive this, we have developed a system of reminders linked to time or location, that serve as cue for your new routine. Everytime, for example, you approach your building, the nudging app pops up and reminds you to take the stairs. Or whenever you get close to your parking lot, nudging reminds you to take the bike instead.

  • Some willpower is needed to change any habit.

  • You definitly have to be aware of the structure, your habits work.

  • Any new or changed habit has to be repeated in average 30 times. nudging makes it easy to stick to your new routine.

  • The routine of a habit gets triggered by a clue. If you control the clou, you control the habit. And clue control is nudging´s job.

This is our great team:

Working hard to make the world a bit better.

Stefan Hesse

Founder, CEO
Stefan is a business genius who founded his first sustainable company at the age of 14. He will lead our small company to great success.

Christian Egermann

Founder, CMO
Christian´s job is our growth. As Chief Marketing Officer he is also responsible for Business Development and Investor Relations.
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